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Our company strictly controls the quality of each set of products produced, and implements strict after-sales system management measures to ensure the interests of users.

(1) Our company guarantees product performance and service life, and provides product quality assurance. If the product fails or is scrapped due to product production, design, etc., Chengsong Environmental Protection will repair or replace it free of charge.

 (2) During the warranty period, the company's sales area manager regularly collects the replaced products. The company's technical production department will check and summarize product problems, and further update and improve product functions.

(3) The company provides a 24-hour service hotline 0799-3481168 to answer questions and requirements raised by users of environmentally friendly packing in a timely manner, and solve problems reported by users in a timely manner.

After-sales service supervision

In the after-sales service process, our company will regularly conduct customer service training for after-sales personnel, including after-sales operation skills, on-site maintenance safety precautions, and civilized induction to immediately solve the problems that occur after the customer installs the product and conduct a timely summary for the customer Provide more professional after-sales service. Our company adopts a strict scoring system in the selection of after-sales personnel, and resolutely refuses to hire unqualified personnel, to ensure that the after-sales service team provides technical services and technical maintenance of our products.

The company has established an after-sales service supervision telephone number 0799-3481168 to accept complaints from users about the company's products. The company appoints the after-sales service director to conduct irregular inspections and assessments of the area manager's after-sales service work; the area manager is responsible for inspecting the product installation capabilities and service work of the agents in the area under its jurisdiction. Once a problem is found, report it in time and make rectification within a time limit.