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What is tower equipment
Tower equipment
Tower refers to the equipment used to carry out physical processes such as separation or absorption and change the composition of complex gas or liquid mixtures. Also known as "tower equipment". The ratio of height to diameter is large, and certain accessories are set inside and outside the tower. The internals are used to make the gas and liquid, gas and solid, liquid and liquid or liquid and solid in the material in close contact, and the surface is constantly updated to complete the process of mass transfer (generally accompanied by heat transfer).
Tower is a process equipment with cylindrical welding structure, which is composed of cylinder, head (or cover) and support. It is a non-standard equipment specially designed and manufactured for certain production process requirements. Tower is a vertical equipment used for distillation, purification, absorption, distillation and other chemical unit operations. It is widely used for mass and heat transfer between gas-liquid and liquid-liquid phases. According to the classification of tower internals, the tower can be divided into plate tower and packed tower. If the container only contains materials without chemical reaction and other physical and chemical processes, it has no facilities or only simple auxiliary structure, which is also called tank.
According to the type, the vessels are divided into vertical (the axis is vertical) and horizontal (the axis is horizontal). Most of the towers belong to pressure vessels. Equipment for material transfer between gas phase and liquid phase or between liquid phase and liquid phase. According to the structure, it is divided into plate tower and packed tower. A certain number of trays are arranged in the plate column, and the gas is in contact with the liquid layer on the tray in the form of bubbling or spraying for material transfer. A certain height of packing is installed in the packing tower, the liquid flows from top to bottom along the packing, and the gas contacts the liquid film countercurrent from bottom to top for material transfer. It is often used in distillation, water absorption, extraction and other operations.