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Blister tray

>>Blister Tray

Product model: DN600-DN10000 can be produced according to requirements

The bubble cap tray is one of the earliest trays used in industry. Many round holes are opened on the tray, and each hole is welded with a short tube called a riser, and a "cap" called a blister is covered on the tube. There are many strip-shaped holes around the blister. When working, the liquid flows from the upper tray through the downcomer to the lower tray, then flows laterally through the tray plate, into the next-layer tray; the gas rises from the next tray into the riser, and then passes through the circular channel. Disperse into the liquid through the strip holes of the blister.

Comprehensive features:

(1) The gas and liquid two-phase contact is sufficient, and the mass transfer area is large, so the tray efficiency is high.

(2) The operation flexibility is large, and the high efficiency can still be maintained when the load changes greatly.
(3) It has high production capacity and is suitable for large-scale production.
(4) It is not easy to be clogged, and the medium is suitable for a wide range.