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Packing support and pressure grid

Packed pressure grid

Product model: DN600-DN10000 can be produced according to requirements

The packing support plate has enough strength and rigidity to support the weight of the packing layer: there is enough open porosity to ensure that the gas and liquid two phases can pass freely, reduce the flow resistance of the gas and liquid two phases, and do not flood at the support. It is conducive to the redistribution of liquid, has good corrosion resistance, simple structure, and is easy to install and disassemble. The packing pressure grid is used at the upper end of the packing section to play the role of compacting the packing. This structure has low space occupation and strong permeability. It will not affect the gas-liquid mass transfer of the packing and can effectively reduce the end effect of the packing. At the same time, the pressure grid frame also serves as the supporting beam of the liquid distributor, so that the distributor is installed stably, so as to ensure the levelness of the liquid distributor and evenly distribute the liquid.

Packing support plate

Hump support

Hump support is currently the best and most widely used large tower support for granular packing. It is widely used in fields such as oil refining, chemical industry, fertilizer, ethylene and oxygen production. The hump packing support is used to support the random packing, which has the characteristics of small resistance and large free cross-sectional area. The peak slope structure occupies the smallest cross-sectional area of the tower but can expand the contact surface between the packing and the material, so that the random packing will not be too dense, and avoid the end effect caused by the vortex when the gas enters the packing layer and the sticky solid particles from the packing layer It accumulates at the bottom of the packing and blocks the packing.