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Trough liquid distributor

Product model: DN600-DN10000 can be produced according to requirements
The trough-type liquid distributor adopts multi-stage settlement measures to prevent clogging of the distribution holes; the vapor phase distribution in the tower has little interference and pressure reduction; it has good distribution performance, and its initial uneven distribution rate is <1%. The liquid enters the first layer of packing to form a uniform surface distribution, eliminating the "end effect", thus having the separation efficiency without having to increase the packing layer to compensate for the loss. The operating load is flexible, and it can be evenly distributed regardless of the upper or lower limit of the flow load. ; Good cushioning performance, the instantaneous fluctuation of the flow will not cause the change of the filler surface, and effectively eliminate its own liquid level gradient.
Comprehensive features:
1. Uniform liquid distribution
2. Small airflow resistance
3. Small liquid entrainment and good operating flexibility
4. Not easy to block, good passing performance
5. Easy to install and maintain, suitable for use in various towers